4 the Birds

Registration No. 8254-3-56 (JT Eaton 4 the Birds Transparent Bird Repellent LIQUID): Items 677

Registration No. 8254-5-56 (JT Eaton 4 the Birds Transparent Bird Repellent): Items 666N

Bait Blocks

Registration No. 56-42 (JT Eaton Bait Block Rodenticide with Peanut Butter Flavorizer): Items 709PN, 709-PN30, 704-PN

Registration No. 56-74 (JT Eaton Apple Bait Block Rodenticide): Items 709AP, 709-AP30

Registration No. 72500-30 (JT Eaton Bait Block for Rodents & Ticks Rodenticide): Items 777-4, 777-9, 777-18

Bed Bug Traps

JT EATON™ STICK-EM® BUGO® Bed Bug Barrier: Items 211H, 211S, 212H, 212S

Boric Acid

Registration No. 56-73 (JT Eaton Boric Acid Insecticidal Dust): Items 360, 365, 3625

Diatomaceous Earth

Registration No. 56-67 (JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs and Crawling Insects Powder): Items 203, 203-4BG, 203-10

Glue Products

JT Eaton Glue Products (JT EATON™, STICK-EM®, PEST CATCHERS®, STICK-A-FLY®, ELEPHANT SIZE™, EIGHT BALL, TRAP-EM™, STICK-EM® PRO SERIES, DOUBLE JEOPARDY™ & JAWZ™ GLUE TRAPS): Items 100, 111-00, 111-00PRE6, 111PRE, 111-24, 122, 122PRE ,154, 188-4, 157, 166, 182B, 185, 199, 100N, 100S, 100N-6, 133N, 144, 144N, 155N, 133P, 155P, 144P, 100P, 157P, 198-12P, 233P, 198, 198-12, 198-4S, 198-12S, 233N, 288, 289, 844, 442, 443, 444, 130, 150

SDS SYNERGETIC™ Glueboards: Items 1500GB & 1515GB

Gopher Bait

Registration No. 56-57 (JT Eaton Answer for the Control of Pocket Gophers): Items 277

Registration No. 56-57 (JT Eaton Answer for Control of Pocket Gophers for Use Around Homes): Items 276

Insecticide Sprays

Registration No. 45385-28-56 (JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs, Fleas, Brown Dog Ticks): Items 204-O, 204-W1G, 204-W5G

Registration No. 45385-97-56 (JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs II): Items 207-W, 207-W1G, 207-W1GP, 207-W5G, 207-W6Z

Registration No. 45385-99-56 (JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs, Ticks & Mosquitoes): Items 209-W3Z, 209-W6Z, 209-W, 209-W1G, 209-W1GP, 209-W5G

Registration No. 45385-101-56 (JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs PLUS): Items 217, 217P

Registration No. 45385-102-56 (Kills Bed Bugs ULTRA Spray Water Base): Items 218-W, 218-W1G

Registration No. 45385-99-56 (ZendoZones Mosquito & Tick Spray): Items 18-W, 18-W1G, 18-W6Z

Top Gun Rodenticides

Registration No. 61282-75-56, (Top Gun All-Weather Rodenticide Bait Block): Item 750

Registration No. 61282-94-56 & 61282-97-56, (JT EATON Kills Mice & JT EATON Kills House Mice with Reusable Bait Station): Item 932, 937, 939

Registration No. 61282-81-56, (Top Gun Pellet Place Packs Rodenticide): Item 754

Second Generation Rodenticide

Registration No. 82744-1-56, 82744-2-56 (JT EATON™ BAIT BLOCK® 2G Second Generation Rodenticide™, JT EATON™ NECTUS™ Soft Bait 2G Second Generation Rodenticide™): Item 716-B, 716-S

ZendoZone® Fruit Fly Traps

Registration No. (8822)222-0013(R1) (JT EATON™ ZendoLure® Refill Bottles): Item 1819